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Real properties in Nowa Sól sold to KOLLOMAT for PLN 14.5 million

Groclin's subsidiaries soldreal properties located in Nowa Sól. Their total value amounted to 14.5 million.

Groclin's subsidiary companies (Groclin Service Sp. z o.o. and IGA Nowa Sól Sp. z o.o.) and KOLLAMAT Sp. z o.o. signed an agreement on the transfer of perpetual use fruct right and the transfer of real property ownership, under which they sold real properties and buildings located in Nowa Sól, owned by the issuer's daughter companies. The value of the transaction was agreed in the net amount of PLN 14.5 million.

The transaction is another step in Groclin's restructuring process, which leads to an optimum number of plants in Poland (maximum 2).

"Operating activity and production is being transferred from Nowa Sól to our plants located in Ukraine. As a result of this transaction, Groclin will strenghten its financial liquidity position and optimise operating costs, reducing the same by the amount of nearly PLN 2 million starting 2016"- we reading in the report.